” I believe children will tell us what they need to know

we just have to be listening.”

My philosophy of offering hands on interactive play and expressive activities encourage both normal development and a sense of fun in spite of challenging events. 

By creating a safe space for children to explore materials leads to increased coping and builds on strengths for learning and understanding life’s challenges.

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medical play materialsChild Life Specialists

are child development experts who use play and preparation as tools to support children with medical encounters. They promote effective coping through play, expressive activities and age appropriate

preparation and education.




Research has shown that…. 

Tooth extraction

  • Children who are prepared for medical procedures

experience less fear and anxiety and will have

better long term adjustment to medical challenges

Santa train 094

  • Child  life interventions can increase cooperation

and help to reduce procedural and post procedural pain.


doll cast (2)

  • Children who engage in therapeutic play with a trained

professional exhibit less emotional distress, increased

cooperation and fewer negative phsyiological responses.



For More information contact Genevieve Lowry at practicalparentingsolutions@gmail.com



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