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Promoting Positive Experiences at the Doctor or Dentist

Going to the doctor or dentist can be scary for children. This webinar will focus on tips and tools parents and caregivers can use to support a less fearful more enjoyable visit to the doctor or dentist.

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Reiki: Energizing You and Your FamilyBeckett Reiki

Being a parent or caregiver is exhausting this webinar will explain how Reiki an ancient hands on energy therapy can improve your own energy and that of your family. Easily integrated practical and natural Reiki is great for any busy family including those with children with special needs, chronic illness, or are medically fragile.


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Talking to Kids about Loss

Death is a part of life whether a pet, family member or friend dies, we all struggle with how to tell the children. This webinar will explore developmental approaches to discussing loss as well as provide examples of life affirming activities, goodbye rituals, and memory making.

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Move Create and Play with Guided Imagery

This webinar will provide parents and caregivers with easy to make activities and games for the whole family. Using household or recyclable materials parents and caregivers will learn practical tool that teach progressive muscle relaxation, breathing techniques and guided imagery to support overall wellness, creativity, and build self-esteem.

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