expressive art activity faces1As a Certified Child Life Specialist for over 25 years, I have a strong background  in child development, therapeutic play and years of experience working in hospitals and community settings.  My goal is to support children and families while facilitating and teaching positive coping strategies when facing extraordinary circumstances.



How I Can Help…

  • 042By preparing your child for medical procedures or treatment using language that your child understands.
  • Help your child discover coping strategies to help reduce anxiety and enhance cooperation with healthcare team.
  • Work with you and your child to develop coping tools and strategies for taking and administering medication.
  • Develop 504 plans, strategies for talking with friends or sharing a diagnosis with classmates.
  • Offer activities that promote self expression, feelings, and learning to cope with them.

Contact Me When…..

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  • You, your child or a loved one has a chronic, medical or serous acute medical or mental condition.
  • Your child has difficulty going to the doctor or dentist for routine visits
  • Upcoming medical or dental procedures for typically developing children or those with specials needs or autism.
  • Discuss palliative care, end of life, legacy building, or bereavement with your child
  • Provide developmental explanations and coping strategies for funerals, wakes, burial, and/or cremation.


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