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Following_Imaginatio_Cover_for_KindleFollowing Imagination…Activities that move create and play with Guided Imagery

Genevieve Lowry M.Ed, CCLS, Reiki Master

Children learn through creating, playing, and imagining themselves as a princess, fire fighter, or major league baseball player. Following Imagination…utilizes the essence of what makes children unique in their approach to life to support them as they grow, learn, and develop. Each activity in the book provides children with the opportunity to explore the fundamentals of guided imagery through interactive games and arts and craft activities that teach skills like progressive muscle relaxation, and deep breathing or help children recognize their own gifts and strengths and how to access and build upon them.


playing-doctor white girlwww.clpocketguides.wordpress.com

Child life pocket guides is a website designed by Child Life students pursuing their Master’s degree from Bank Street College of Education in NYC  devoted to providing parents, educators, healthcare professionals and child life specialists  with developmental information about children facing hospitalization and illness.  Check back frequently as each new group of students will be contributing updated information.

All information has been reviewed by the instructors: a certified child life specialist and pediatric nurse practitioner.




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