I am an an adjunct professor at Bank Street College of Education NY, NY; In addition, I am an accomplished lecturer, and published author.  Working together with schools, non-profits and community agencies to create spaces, materials, and workshops that fit the organizations needs.


 Programs for Organizations…

  • ????????????Facilitate support groups for children affected by illness/trauma, siblings with specials needs, and bereavement.
  • Work with schools and PTO to decrease isolation for children with severe food allergies.
  • Create child friendly, safe, and developmentally appropriate waiting or play areas.
  • Write content for educational materials in both print and on the web.
  • Provide workshops or training to staff or parent groups.

 Programs for Schools

  • “Germsbusters” is an interactive program that teaches Hand Hygiene to children 4-7 years old.
  • “Going to to the Doctor” Or “Going to the Dentist”  are  hands on  programs for children to understand why we go to the doctor, what happens, exploration of equipment and strategies for coping.

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