Supporting Families Through Crisis

Genevieve, thanks so much!  I think your visit was great for my son and we really enjoyed it.  I wanted you to know that I discussed play dates for this weekend with him (mentioning various kids from school) and my son said “I would like to have a playdate with Adult Genevieve.”  (in those words).  So you had quite an impact on him.  I also got a lot out of your approach; I think that I push for answers too much or try to direct things to much in an effort to control the situation and I need to let him be a little more.  Thank you so much!!  My very best.

Maggie, Mom of 3 year old

We went back today to fill in my daughter’s cavities and she was awesome. The dentist was very very impressed with her. She had three cavities filled, she was calm and happy (and fixated on my little pony). I think that knowing exactly what to expect was key and that was your doing. I can tell the information you gave her was instrumental in her understanding and comfort during her time in the chair.
She still talks about sugar bunnies.
Parent of 4 year old


Previous medical experiences had left my daughter traumatized about vaccinations and the only solution being offered to us from pediatricians and psychologists was to physically restrain her for the procedure. We knew there had to be a better way. Genevieve was different from the very beginning. Her approach to working with my daughter was so respectful, and at the same time so relaxed and friendly, that she immediately established a great rapport with her. Every step she took centered on my daughter’s individual needs and point of view. Genevieve taught her strategies and a mind set that not only saw my daughter successfully through her procedure, but, I believe, will help her with other anxiety provoking situations. Genevieve spoke with our doctor by telephone and came with us the day of our appointment, both of which were invaluable to making this work. As a parent, I felt listened to and supported. I absolutely recommend her to any parent who feels like they have run out of options to help their child.

Lorraine, Parent

Online Child Life Certification Test Preparation

The online prep class for the child life certification exam helped me build the confidence and skills I needed to pass the exam.  The practice questions and tips for deductive reasoning and organizing the material proved to be very useful!  The relaxation techniques put me in the best frame of mind for my study sessions as well as the morning of the exam.  I could not have passed without the instructors’ support and guidance.

Meaghan Coughlin MS,CCLS

What people are saying about Genevieve’s e-book Following Imagination…Activities that Move, Create, and Play with the Fundamentals of Guided Imagery

I just downloaded your book of activities and I love it! I have been an elementary school teacher for many years and now teach Music Together in MA. Your book is an excellent resource for the classroom and I can’t wait to use the movement ideas in my music and performing arts classes. The activities are easy to follow and fun to do with kids, but also teach valuable lessons.


Ruthanne Paulson


Have Genevieve present at your school, community organization or business

We have had the pleasure to watch and listen to Genevieve in action:-)  She was invited back to speak at our second annual meet and greet for parents.  The topics she spoke about to date are about general parenting skill buildings, consistant and loving discipline techniques, strategic play, etc.  We do plan to have her come back again.  Genevieve is down to earth and presents with a comfortable, genuine style.  We received many accolades from our parent audience as well as staff.
Denise Kehoe, Director, Stepping Stone Learning Center



The Reiki II training strengthened my connection to, and understanding of, Reiki.  I felt more power in my ability to provide Reiki to others and myself.  I became more in-tune to my Reiki abilities and felt much more confident as a Reiki Practitioner.”

Kelsey Frawley,  CCLS

New York

Private online tutoring

I’m definitely a big fan of your services- couldn’t have done it without you! I had all of the assessment and professional responsibility questions down pat from working with you. Please feel free to give out my email address and phone number to anyone. I am more than happy to tell them how helpful and wonderful your tutoring services were to me.

Ashley K.


I wanted to share with you all if you feel like you need structure or discipline when studying for the test I would highly recommend taking the on-line bank street test prep class or having Genevieve Lowry tutor you one on one. I did one on one tutoring with Genevieve and she helped me out tremendously!!

Kat L.


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