I have been practicing holistic therapies that support your overall health and the health of your patients and family for over 15 years.  Whether you are looking to incorporate into your personal or professional life, my workshops are designed to meet your specific goals, needs, and environment.

Parents and Professionals Welcome…..

Reiki Level I

In Reiki I the first level of Reiki, students are taught the hand positions for Self Reiki and Direct Reiki, the offering of healing to another person, plant, or animal.  Even at this level students become practitioners.  Students receive a Reiki I workbook and certificate.

  • Reiki supports overall health and well being regardless of age, disability, or illness
  • Reiki is easily incorporated into daily routines from infancy to the elderly
  • Reiki helps to reduce stress, alleviate pain and discomfort, and increase relaxation
  • Reiki  supports you as you care for others either personally or professionally



Upcoming class: River Edge, New Jersey 07661

Nov. 19, 2015  OR  Dec. 11, 2015

Please indicate on registration form which class date you will be attending

10:00-3:00 pm

$50 nonrefundable deposit due at time of registration

Cost: $150.00 

Reiki Level II

Reiki II the second level of training, included in this class are the sacred symbols that empower students to direct the energy and offer distance healing.  Reiki II also prepares  students for Reiki Master training if the student chooses to continue.

Upcoming Class:  River Edge, NJ 07661

Upcoming this fall

Please indicate on registration form which class date you will be attending


$50 nonrefundable deposit due at time of registration

Must complete Reiki I before participating in Reiki II

Cost: $175.00

Reiki Master

Reiki Master training provides students with an attunement that further increases ones connection and ability to utilize Reiki.   Reiki Master class includes the Master symbol to be able to attune level I Reiki practitioners.

Upcoming class:  TBD

River Edge, NJ

Cost: $295

$50.00 non refundable deposit required at time of registration

Reiki Master Teacher

Reiki Master Teacher training provides students with the tools to create classes and the attunement ceremony for Reiki II practitioners. Choosing to continue onto Reiki Master Teacher is a personal choice and one that should reflect your  goals, commitment, and intention.  Students have the opportunity to to be supported through ongoing mentoring, guidance in developing goals, and provide the tools to create their class based on their style goals and timetables.

Date: TBD

Cost:  $395

$50.00 nonrefundable deposit is required at time of registration

Location:  River Edge, NJ

Parents and Caregivers…

This is a class for parents and caregivers who want to integrate infant massage into their baby’s routine.  If you are interested in becoming a certified infant massage instructor visit www.infantmassageusa.org

Infant Massage is an age old practice that uses gentle massage strokes to soothe comfort and bond with your baby.

“Bonding is a unique relationship between two people. It is specific and endures through time.”M. Klaus 

  • Helps babies handle sensory stimulation and respond in a relaxed manner
  • Helps babies sleep better
  • Helps tone digestive tract
  • Helps alleviate gas and promote elimination
  • Releases endorphins, natural pain killers, to ease emotional distress
  • Hormones stimulated by infant massage promote bonding and attachment between parent and baby

Dates: 5 April 5-May 13, 2015 (5 consecutive Wednesdays)

Time: 10:00 -11:00 am or 1:00-2:00 pm

Location:  River Edge, NJ

Contact genevievelowry@practicalparentingsolutions.com


Cost: 125.00

Teaching Guided Imagery to Children

Through hands-on learning participants will be given the opportunity to learn art activities and games that teach children visualization, guided imagery and relaxation techniques.  The workshop will offer strategies for presenting information to children in order to boost self-esteem, cope more effectively with stress and anxiety, and support general well being.  This workshop is appropriate for child life specialist, teachers, social workers, parents or anyone who works therapeutically with children.

Upcoming Class: TBD

Cost:  $85 materials included

Registration required for all classes

Please put date and name of class on registration form

Location of most classes River Edge, NJ 07661

Easily accessible by NJ transit


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